Laboratory for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Computational Tissue Engineering Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program (CTE IGEP)

I serve as the Program Director for the Computational Tissue Engineering IGEP. This IGEP's goal is to fruitfully exploit the natural synergy between these two areas to define a new synthesis between tissue engineering and systems biology. We propose to use the computational sciences to drive this synthesis. In our vision, seamlessly intertwined computational and experimental models will drive the next generation of advances in tissue engineering and in systems biology. Systems biology approaches will underlie predictive computational models of engineered tissues and drive novel experimental analyses of engineered tissues, while the demands of tissue engineering will inspire new experimental methods in systems biology and novel analysis frameworks in computational science. We will train students at the confluence of tissue engineering, molecular and cell biology, and computational science. Our vision is that trainees will emerge as the leaders of the trans-disciplinary field of "Computational Tissue Engineering". They will be equipped to lead and develop this new field, have the training to span traditional disciplinary boundaries, and to converse in the languages of tissue engineering, molecular and cellular biology, and computational science with ease.