Research Group

Htwe Htwe Mon

Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine (Honours) U. South Australia Ph.D., U. South Australia

Research: Reducing the adhesion and growth of biofilm bacteria on solid surfaces by altering the topography and chemistry of surfaces.

Jimmy Ritter

Ph.D., Physics University of Pennsylvania

Research: Mass production of robust monolayer colloidal crystals.

Yow-Ren Chang

B.S. in Chemical Engineering UC Davis, 2013 PhD Student

Research: Preventing bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation on solid surfaces.

Zechen Zhang

B.Eng. in Polymer Engineering Tsinghua U B.S. in C

Research: Investigation of pressure inside interfacial nanobubbles

Prudhvidhar Gaddam

B.S. in Chemical Engineering 2013, Virginia Tech, PhD Student

Research: Developing a liquid state thermal rectifier and exploring influence of interfacial chemistry on nanoscale heat transfer in solids-liquid systems.

Jonathan Hittel

B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech 2016

Research: Thermal Rectification